I decided to call this album COVID-19 Days at the risk of making it sound dated in the near future. However, I think it reflects the time and context I wrote most of these songs in. The first six songs were written and recorded between March and April of 2020. I had to deliberately stop myself from getting too dark and depressing. I even changed some of the lyrics on “Doom And Gloom” and “Pandemic Blues” while mixing. “Flatten The Curve” and “Together We Can Get Through This Now” were written last and are the most uplifting songs here. I had stopped watching the news at that point — which may have contributed to the change in my mental attitude. “Mirror On The Wall” was written when I still consumed a lot of news everyday — until I realized that the media, politicians and social influencers were only interested in keeping us scared and engaged in their agenda all the time. “Fake News” was written in early February and a tongue-in-cheek commentary about how perceptions of what we have always believed in as a society have changed. I wrote “You Are The One” for my kids (who are twins) for their birthday in February but it is also a shout out to the wonderful uniqueness of every human being. “Can’t Go Back” was written about 15 years ago and a song I really like. It has all the hallmarks of a great song – a memorable riff, thoughtful lyrics, and a good melody. However, I was never satisfied with any of the recordings I made of it over the years so I never included it on my previous albums. I think the one I have here sounds pretty good — you be the judge. “Bye Bye” was also written a few years ago but I never got around to recording until a few months ago. I’d like to thank Juan Zaragoza, a wonderful guitarist from Argentina and my partner in crime on all these recordings. Also thanks to my niece, Rhea Itty, for the cover image and my roomies Barbara, Nathaniel and Alexandra for their support, and keeping me sane during these difficult months. If you like this album please share it with everyone you know — and also check out my other 70-plus songs on my website I’m still hoping to be “discovered” someday.

— Thomas Itty – May 9, 2020


  • Thomas Itty – lead and background vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drum programming, shakers, harmonica
  • Juan Zaragoza – bass guitar, electric & acoustic rhythm and lead guitar

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"A master songwriter at the peak of his prowess!"


Thomas Itty is an indie singer/songwriter and DIY recording artist from Westchester County, New York. He’s been writing songs since he was seventeen years old and has a catalog of over 100 songs. Itty has released four albums as an independent artist: The Dark Edge of The Light (2000), From There to Here (2013), Retrospective (2019), Here Goes Nothing (2020) and his new collection COVID-19 Days.


Thomas Itty’s music can be broadly categorized as acoustic-rock or retro-rock. His lyrics are deep and his songs explore the human condition with poetic grace. All the words and music on his songs are Itty's. They reflect an artist that is comfortable in his songwriting abilities and at the top of his game. With catchy tunes, attention-grabbing hooks and memorable lyrics, his songs draw you in and keep you listening… over and over again.


If you’re not yet a fan of Thomas Itty, you will be once you hear his songs.